From Castles to Condos...

Foreclosure Prevention

Feeling like there is no other option but foreclosure can be an overwhelming and heart breaking experience.   Foreclosures have risen in Colorado over 72% from September of last year.  We are currently number 11 in the United States for the number of Foreclosures happening currently.  Now, more than ever before there are real solutions.

The Treasury Department has released, new "Short Sales" rules to help homeowners that are behind.  Up to $3000 received from your current lender for moving costs are a good start to this plan!  The HAFA programs there are three of them...Is one right for you?

Call 303-875-3526 for a free appointment to review the other foreclosure. Your future depends on it! 

Facing damage to your credit, and the possibility of not being able to purchase another home for 10 years can be a tough future to face, but by tapping into the expertise of a knowledgeable real estate agent, there are options available for you and you've come to the right place. We'll make sure we do everything possible to help you stay in your home.